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We help elite water damage restoration companies who want to dominate their market, expand their reach and....

Can handle an influx of jobs

If you can only handle a small amount of calls and new business then this won't be a good fit.

Can communicate with us often and be open.

We are very hands on with each of our clients, open communication means better results for you.

Want long term growth for their business.

You are willing to stay the course and invest in the future of your business.

Can handle an investment of at least $2500 a month for a minimum of 4 months.

To be able to provide exceptional service and serious return on investment, we limit who we work with and go all in for them.

"Jeff and Alane from Net Advantage consulting increased our call volume by 70% and added over 100K into our business every month." 


                                   Rick McCarthy 

                                   McCarthy General Contracting

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