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Start Ranking Online, Increase Visibility Over The Competition & Get Free Leads. 

Search Engine Optimization is an extensive process,

and Net Advantage Consulting as an SEO agency

excels in amplifying your web presence and bringing

in maximum traffic to your website.

How can SEO help your business?

Building your web presence online and reaching

the right target audience is critical to your business

success. As an SEO agency,  we can help your

business amplify your web presence and visibility by 

getting you found for your most valuable keywords.  Our strategies will help your website rank higher on the search engines over your competitors thereby increasing traffic, leads and customer volume.  SEO will help you grow your business​.

We have perfected our keyword analysis, on-page and off-page optimization as well as content creation to maximize your sites performance.


As part of our SEO strategy we will do exhaustive keyword analysis and come up with a list of the highest intent keywords. Keyword analysis is one of the core search engine optimization tasks that involves identifying popular and relevant words and phrases for your vertical. We score the level of optimization of the relevant keywords on your website from an SEO standpoint.

Content acts as a strong ranking signal for search engines. It’s also indicative of better user experience as it helps them find relevant pages to their search query. SEO services include complete content analysis, including title tags, meta description, content gap, heading tags, and more. Since content is a significant part of search engine optimization – keywords density and their prominence with content placement are also optimized for maximum results.



Now more than ever with google ads dominating the top of the SERPS, its more important than ever to get a placement in the google maps.  Our team will create, optimize and rank your google maps listing so you can get even more exposure.  Google maps ranks higher than organic rankings so if you are not ranking there then you are missing out on a good portion of the traffic.

Call us to Schedule A FREE One On One Session And Get An Audit Of Your Rankings!


Google My Business Stats:  Dentist

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Google My Business Stats:  Dentist, DWI lawyer, Local Business

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