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Examples of Emergency Plumbing Calls Sent to Restoration Companies (our clients) 




The calls featured in the video above are real "live" calls that went straight to the restoration company that answered the phone.  Read on and you will learn how these calls will lead to direct restoration jobs, as well as many unrelated referrals from the plumber(s) you send the calls to.


The Strategy


Here is an explanation of a strategy we've used with some of the restoration companies we work with to "flip the script" on plumbers. If you do what is explained below you will develop extremely solid reciprocal relationships with local plumbers which will lead to massive growth of your restoration business.

What We Do...

  • We generate "emergency" plumbing calls through plumbing websites and blended online digital campaigns we have developed in the locations where we have restoration clients. 

  • We target "emergency" calls because these have a higher likelihood of leading to a need for mitigation/restoration services.

  • We forward the calls to either the restoration company we're working with, or to the plumber(s) within the restoration company's network (explained below)

The Benefits...

  1. The restoration company provides needed business for the plumber(s)

  2. The restoration company builds a strong relationship with the plumber(s)

  3. About 10% of the calls present an obvious need for mitigation (listen to the video above for some examples)

  4. The restoration company is the FIRST to learn about the potential loss

  5. Some of the calls sent to the plumbers turn into mitigation jobs once the plumber puts eyes on the situation

  6. The calls where there is no water damage are still valuable to the restoration company because ALL the calls will build reciprocity with the plumber(s) who receive the calls

  7. Out of this earned reciprocity, plumbers will refer jobs to the restoration company that are unrelated to any of the plumbing calls

  8. No more need to "beg" plumbers for their referrals

  9. No more need to compete with other restoration companies for the plumbers to refer their lucrative mitigation jobs

  10. No more need to pay plumbers a referral fee to send mitigation/restoration jobs

  11. The restoration company builds relationships with plumbers based on providing VALUE


Here's how it works...


Building a Plumber Network


Below I describe two scenarios for how to deal with the plumbing calls that we generate. Before the restoration company decides on which scenario they want, they need to have a plumber or network of plumbers to send the calls to. There are several options for getting this done.


  • Option #1: Talk to the Plumber(s) Before Sending Them Calls
    Here the restoration company simply asks plumber(s) they already know, or calls plumbers they don't know, and tells them they have plumbing calls to send them and asks whether they would like to receive them.


  • Option #2: Send Calls First, Call the Plumbers Later
    Here the restoration company lets us know the plumber(s) they would like us to "target". Then we set up the calls to forward to these plumbers. Each call will have a "whisper" message that says something like, "You have a plumbing call courtesy of ABC Restoration". Then it is up to the restoration company to follow up with the plumber and offer to continue to send them calls.

(Note: We have found that Option #1 is the best choice!)


(Note: Although the restoration company CAN charge the plumber(s) a fee for the calls, we believe a stronger and more lucrative, long term reciprocal relationship will be built if the plumbing leads are provided to the plumbers for free)


Handling the Calls

  • Scenario #1: Restoration Company Receives the Plumbing Calls
    Our plumbing site and campaigns will have a phone number which is forwarded to our client/restoration company. When the call comes in, the person answering the call hears a "whisper" message which tells them that this is an emergency plumbing call. After the whisper, they are connected with the caller.

    Sometimes the calls will involve a situation where the need for a water cleanup is obvious. For example: a burst pipe in a ceiling or wall where the water has soaked through the drywall and is accumulating on the floor Or, the caller has an overflowing drain or a broken water heater has caused a basement flood. We have found that about 10% of the calls are like this. With the rest of the calls, it is frequently unclear from the initial information whether the call will lead to a need for water damage mitigation.

    In either case, the person taking the call gets all necessary information, such as the property owner's name and address, and then tells the property owner that they will get in touch with "their" plumber and have him call the property owner within the next few minutes to provide all info regarding time of arrival, price, etc. The plumbers set their own prices. On the calls, the restoration company can refer to the plumbers as "our plumbing division".

    Most of our restoration clients like this scenario because they get to speak directly to the property owner and "triage" the situation. They are also the one who is directly handing off the call to the plumber which further solidifies the relationship between the restoration company and the plumber...thus enhancing the reciprocal relationship.


  • Scenario #2: Plumber Receives the Plumbing Calls
    In this scenario the calls are forwarded directly to the plumber(s). Some restoration companies choose this option because they don't want to be bothered with answering these calls. They may be too busy during the day and/or they don't want to be answering calls that come in late at night or on the weekend.

    With this set up, the plumber will hear the "whisper" message before being connected with the caller. The whisper message will say something like, "You have a plumbing call courtesy of ABC Restoration". This way, the plumber knows where he's getting this business from.


  • Scenario #3: The Hybrid
    With this scenario, the restoration company can choose to receive the plumbing calls during the day, for example, but then have the calls forwarded directly to the plumbers at night. The point is... there is flexibility with this strategy, and we try to contour this as much as possible to our client's needs.

Want to Know More?


If you would like more information on this strategy for building your restoration business you can schedule a quick one-on-one call with us today!

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